Our company name reminds us that each new day is an opportunity to do things differently and do them well. It also reminds us of our own fresh start and the many reasons we launched this business. Morning Star Studio  Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Architecture | Interior Design | Structural Engineering

Morning Star Studio was established in June of 2004, but our design relationship began many years before that. Shanna Duggan and Teri Petrzalek began working together in July of 1998 when Shanna moved to Cedar Rapids from Western Iowa. Through the development of many projects, large and small, through the good times and the bad times, we learned from our experiences and from each other. We have cultivated a healthy team approach to our projects by complimenting each other's strengths.

While many changes in our working environment took place over the several years we were together prior to starting Morning Star Studio, our passion for our vocations remained strong. Our desires to continue to value our experiences, expand our knowledge and nurture our connections with our clients led us to break away from the ordinary and take another path.

Morning Star Studio is the managing members, Teri and Shanna. That means we answer only to ourselves, to each other and to our clients. The team you meet with to discuss your venture are the professionals who will be creating it.

Morning Star Studio offers architectural, interior design and structural engineering design and construction services for your renovation or building design project. We have experience in all of the following project types:

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